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Interact and Progress --the Joint Seminar of Picture Book Teaching

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In order to further optimize the primary school English classroom teaching mode and jointly promote the neighbour school English joint development. On November13th, the two schools launched the "Jinjihu Xietang" inter school primary school English joint seminar in Xietang school.

Firstly, the English teachers of the two schools showed their wonderful picture book teaching. The first section is "the food action", a series of English reading books taught by Miss Huangfu with her humorous teaching style and rich teaching activities. Huangfu paid attention to the needs of students, analyzed and dissects the contents of picture books, and made it easier for students to output language. She focused on the cultivation of students' thinking quality and encouraged them to associate the text. She is friendly, humorous and full of enthusiasm, which infected all the students and made the classroom full of fun. They can really enjoy learning picture books from their heart.

The second section is "a house for Hedgehog"taught by Miss Jinlan of Jinjihu school. Mr. Jin introduced the song "animals" into the theme of picture books by using the lyrics "what do you see? I see a... Living in a...". The design of mind map is the highlight of this lesson. Mr. Jin used mind map to present the frame of picture book clearly and systematically. She guided students to read independently according to mind map and explore the details of picture book by themselves to cultivate their ability of autonomous learning. She encouraged students to speak and made them more confident. 

Then, English teachers of the two schools had a heated discussion and exchange their ideas actively. They fully affirmed the picture book teaching of the two teachers and highly appraised their excellent professional quality . At the same time, the two teachers also had in-depth discussion and exchange on English picture book teaching.

 Finally, Miss Lu Min, the head of teaching and research group of Xietang school, summarized the activity. She pointed out that the joint seminar of Jintang Union not only provided a platform for young teachers to show and exchange, but also provided an opportunity for the two schools to learn from each other and study together. She also hoped that there would be more opportunities for joint seminar in the future to write a new chapter of Jintang education.